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About Us

About Us

Let’s face it, online beauty shopping is full of problems!!
In the age of information overload, we are constantly faced with so much information about new beauty products, reviews, and ads. The information is very scattered, often biased, misleading, and not trust worthy. On top of that, there are many counterfeit beauty products circulating in the market, so you could end up wasting your time, money, or costing your healthy skin.

This is why The Palette was born. Instead of spending hours researching trying to discover and buy the right beauty products online from reading hundreds of reviews written by people you don’t know, The Palette makes online beauty discovery and shopping safe, fun, and easy, in a trustworthy peer to peer environment. It is like a dating app for the world of beauty, where you can discover tips, looks, and products from people who have similar beauty traits as you. At The Palette, we also believe in helping each other to discover your own kind of beauty, by leaving meaningful, helpful tips, and less biased, more authentic, honest, and real reviews. So come join our community, share your favorite looks, explore new tips, or products that your beauty matches love, and discover your kind of beauty.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The world is your canvas. Wear your true colors.

We believe that we are all unique in our own way, and our differences and uniqueness make the world a truly beautiful place.

We are here to encourage, support, and celebrate our differences, uniqueness, and just being you. We strive to inspire discovering your true colors – the authentic, true selves – because we believe our uniqueness and strength make us truly powerful and beautiful, inside and out.


Our Values

Our community is built upon a belief that we all are unique in our own way, and our differences and uniqueness make the world a truly beautiful place. We don’t do inclusive or diverse beauty. We do beauty, period. We want to see diversity in beauty, because diversity is beautiful.

Here are the list of things we want to see more of in the world of beauty.
  • • More representation of the under-represented
  • • More support and representation for women & non-binary owned businesses
  • • More support and representation for Black & Indigenous owned businesses
  • • More transparency
  • • More diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • • More celebration of uniqueness and differences
  • • More beauty with our own standards, not the standards set by the mainstream media
  • • More environmentally conscious consumption