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Contents and Posts

Why did my post get taken down?+
What is the post guidelines?+
What are bad posts?+

Personal Color Analysis

What is color analysis?+
What is personal color analysis? Why do you use it? +
What is seasonal color analysis? Is it another label on people? +
What is skin undertone? +
Does this mean I can’t wear certain color? +
Will the seasonal color analysis quiz result differ based on the colors of the skin? +
How does the seasonal color analysis apply to different races or skin tones? +
I retook the color analysis test, and got different results. What should I do? +

Weekly Spotlight

What is Weekly Spotlight? +
I want a certain product to be featured on the spotlight, who should I contact? +

Sample of the Month

What is sample of the month and how do I get it? +
When will I receive samples? +

Beauty Profile

What is beauty profile and why do I have to complete it? +
What is a match level? +
What is the number next to my name? +
How do I get doodle points? +