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Post Guidelines

Post Guidelines


Please makes sure your post headline or title is easy to understand is descriptive. Descriptive headline or title help others to understand the nature of the post more easily and is usually composed of more than 2-3 words in the headlines.


For images, please use clear images that are relevant to the content of the post. If the images are too dark or irrelevant or not easier to see for other users, your post may get taken down. Please read Content Policy or Post FAQ’s for more info

Post Body

When you have more descriptions on the post body, you’ll likely to get a lot more responses and people can better help you with your questions. If you’re sharing tips, then the body will be crucial for sharing your knowledge, so people can learn from you.


Lastly, all posts need to be related to beauty, and if it is not beauty related, it could be considered irrelevant and not helpful to our community, and could be taken down. Make sure your content is on point with beauty topics, so we can help each other better. Please read Content Policy for more info.